CBW Automation has innovative high speed automation solutions for a variety of applications. Here you will find video examples of our solutions in action.

Injection Molding

CBW Automation’s press side solutions for injection molding retrieve the molded article at the fastest possible rates, perform the secondary operations necessary to complete the part, and package the part into the format required to leave the factory.


The rapid cycle rate and large cavitation associated with thermoforming applications leverages well CBW Automation’s speed and handling experience. CBW Automation’s thermoforming systems retrieve, stack, and package the thermoformed articles.

Welcome to CBW Automation

CBW Automation was founded in 1970 with the first automated system to handle Cool Whip lids from the molding machines. This was followed by several container systems that handled Petri dishes and other shallow containers. Later we pioneered the high speed, carbon fiber side-entry and top-entry robotic systems. These new orienting systems provided the fastest possible cycle times for the high speed, high volume molding marketplace.

CBW Automation Excels in:
  • Press side solutions for high volume applications which require part handling, assembly, stacking, sleeving, decorating, boxing, palletizing, and custom engineered systems.
  • IML offering unique label delivery systems which allows for substantial label cost reductions, greater uptime, reduced scrap and increased yield.
  • Specialized technology for the closures market for increased productivity and consolidation of secondary operations.
  • Automated quality control and implementation of vision inspections

As a US manufacturer of robots and automation solutions, we focus on injection molding and thermoforming applications in the packaging and medical markets. Our goal is to retrieve your product as quickly as possible, finish the product with the required secondary operations, and pack the product in the format needed to leave the factory.

We are eager to be a part of your manufacturing solutions.

Why CBW Automation?

  • Fastest retrieval system
  • Total automation solutions from mold to carton
  • Custom designs
  • 47 years of experience
  • Commitment to customer support
  • Dedicated and robust field service capability


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